• Problem

    Day after day we all experience an incredible growth and fragmentation of devices available on a more and more proliferated market. Accurately tracking their specs has become very hard work.

  • Solution

    But this complexity can be reduced if managed by a community involved in improving the Device Description Repository (DDR). This is the essence of the OpenDDR project, the best open, free actively maintained repository of device descriptions currently available.

  • Download Record

    In June 2018 OpenDDR Data saw a record-breaking access number from the Bintray DDR alone of over 130,000 within just 30 days. If this continues, we may see over 1 Mio. downloads in less than 12 months. None of them shares download or sales figures the same transparent way, but it is unlikely most of the costly, closed-source competitors get anywhere near that.

  • Java2Days

    9 years ago at Java2Days/Mobile2Days 2011 OpenDDR had its public debut in Sofia. This year Java2Days 2020 #Virtual gave us the opportunity to show how OpenDDR evolved in those years and how to use it with popular MVC frameworks.

OpenDDR is a community effort to gather and maintain information about your preferred mobile devices and how to optimize web content for those devices.

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Easy to use

Classifier cl = Classifier.builder().with(option, loaderPath).build();
Device device = cl.classifyDevice("A User Agent");